MECKids For Teachers.

You spend more time with our kids than anyone, but there are already a thousand other things to do in the classroom. What can you do to help your kids take care of themselves?

Luckily, MECKids makes it easy to implement all sorts of powerful learning tools right here in the classroom, all without spending (extra) hours on curricula and lesson plans on top of your existing work.

Make Your Classroom Easier To Manage

If you’ve ever tried to keep thirty second graders sitting down for more than five minutes, you know exactly how irrepressible the energy of youth is. But as they get older, stress increases, and many teenagers and young adults stop getting the exercise they need. This leads to obesity, heart disease, and all sorts of other health problems—things that could be easily avoided if only teenagers kept up the levels of activity that they got as kids!

Use MECKids to channel your kids’ energy into building positive habits even from a very young age. Give them a way to burn off some of that extra energy, and your classroom should get a bit easier to manage, too!

MECKids Is A Safe Environment

MECKids is a safe environment for students of all ages. Cyber-bullying is strictly prohibited, and a tight language filter makes sure that you won’t be getting any angry phone calls from shocked parents.

Beyond the obvious fitness benefits, MECKids is a great place for your kids to learn about respectful, responsible usage of social media.

Get Started Today

It’s easy to get started at your school; simply download this form, give it to your administrators, and get started!

What Are Teachers Saying About MECKids?

“MECKids is a great tool to use with my students and provide a fun, education factor in the classroom. The program assists by allowing shy introverted students to share and participate in a variety of wellness activities with others and be proud of their progress. I use the MECKids network to keep track, encourage and support all my students. The data collected is invaluable for assessment in the fitness tracking. The nutritional information supports what I teach in health and gives a snapshot of each student’s wellness level and gives me the ability to adjust programs. I also take the information and use it as talking points with my students in the classroom without using names or embarrassing students.”
– Charlotte K., Teacher, Grades 4-8, Georgia

“MECKids is a great platform for schools, principals and teachers that keeps young people accountable to their own health and exercise. We launched it with our entire 8th and 9th grade student classes and the kids really got a lot out of the program.”
– W. Clendaniel, Principal T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria, Virginia

“I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2009 MECKids Virtual Challenge Kickoff held at T.C. Williams High School earlier this year. The audience was filled with more than a thousand high school students who gave rapt attention to the program and seemed to enjoy the video and live demonstrations of fitness and sports.”– Former Redskins Player

As Mayor of Alexandria, I have serious concerns about the impact that childhood obesity is having on my own constituents and have undertaken an initiative to improve the health of the employees and citizens of the city. To this end, we have partnered with the MECKids Program Team to provide greater awareness and resources to the young people of our city who desperately need to become healthy by staying in shape.”
– Bill Euille, Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia

Lessons & Resources

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