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Preparing for High School Varsity Soccer

To prepare for high school soccer the most important thing you must have to have is commitment. Soccer in general requires a lot of running, and if you really want to stand out you have to have stellar ball skills as well. Having stellar ball skills requires training with the ball every day! Personally I prefer to play a much more technical game than you would see in an English game. In my opinion, footwork is what makes a player a good player or a bad player. To develop such skills takes enormous amount of time so, Commitment is key! Your friends can be out there always having a good time but I have learned that to become a great player you have to sacrifice a lot of things including time with your friends. For instance, just the other day I was invited by hundreds of my friends to hang out with them and I really wanted to. I even argued with my father to skip my practice but he denied my request and I went to practice which upset my friends but I had a great practice and learned a lot. My dad taught me that day that sacrifices have to be made to become the best you can be! Now to get to the main point, although I will only be a little freshman next year at Oakton HS my goal is to play on The Varsity team which of course is only a stepping-stone to signing that 4.5 million dollar contract with FC Barcelona in the future. To prepare for such things I’m willing to sacrifice time from everyday of my summer to practice/prepare for Oakton next year. I am already practicing as much as I can at home outside of my practices with my team. I practice juggling, shooting, passing, coordination, and most importantly ball control. But with all this bad weather, I have not had as much valuable time in my yard so I have been left with doing what I can in my basement. In the future I will start training to increase my stamina by running. Also, I will need to start doing push-ups and lifting weights but you do not want to lift too much because you don’t want to become too big for the game. Having strength in your upper-body and lower-body is key to being a successful player, especially in my case. If I want to be a freshman on the Oakton Varsity soccer team I will have to be strong to play with older kids so I can avoid being pushed around like a ragdoll. Also, being as strong as I can be will help me kick the ball harder and run faster. It is also very important to have a lot of stamina because I will need to be able to keep up with the older kids for long periods of time if I want to do well. Fitness, Coordination, Ball-Control, Proper technique, and confidence are all you need to be a successful player in the long run but it starts today… you have to commit yourself to the game!

Favorite teams

Soccer is my favorite sport and my passion. I love playing it and I like to watch it sometimes. My favorite soccer teams are USA, Honduras, F.C. Barcelona and Brazil. I know that some of these are international teams, but I still love watching them play. I am also very excited to see the players from Barcelona on their world cup teams, playing against all these teams. My family and I are very excited for the world cup and will have our hands full with all of the games; it will be awesome.
USA is one of my favorite teams because it is my homeland, and I will always root for them. We may still have a long way to go in the eyes of the soccer world, but we have heart, tenacity, and the will to compete at any level of the world’s most popular game. USA has the respect of the world’s soccer super powers because we are prepared, fit, and well coached. Judging by USA’s game against Mexico recently, USA should be a dangerous factor in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year; hopefully they will go fairly far this year.

The next team that I have a passion for is Honduras. Honduras is part of the roots of my existence. My father was born there along with most of my family on his side. They always root for the blue and white. Soccer in Honduras is a religion. There is even a law that lets workers and students take off from work and school to watch there national team play. I also like the way Honduras plays because the players are very flamboyant like a peacock, passionate, and athletic. I hope USA and Honduras meet somewhere in the World Cup.

FC Barcelona is no doubt one of the best teams on the planet, proving this with their win against Real Madrid during the El Classico game. They have the 5’ 6”, magical, phenomenal Lionel Messi, who is one of my favorite players behind Ronaldinho. Messi is easily the best in the world. Of course others may argue about Ronaldo being better. Barcelona’s first touch rhythm is the best in all Europe. Other teams struggle to keep up when they play them. Most of the players on Barcelona, especially Neymar, have out-of-this-world skills which is why I like them. Barcelona is also very sportsman-like and is a good role model for other teams.

Last but not least I love Brazil and their style of play. They have produced some of the best players that ever lived like Ronaldinho, my favorite player in the whole world. Brazil is almost always favored to win when they play. They have the up-beat tempo and the footwork of samba dancers. When their foot skills and samba come together it makes their footwork insane. Watching them play is a thing of beauty, and when they mess up you hardly notice it. What I love about Brazil is that they exhibit all there love, passion, and talents with every touch on the ball.

Why Sports are Good for You

By Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

Sports helps you lose weight, while extreme diets can result in dramatic weight loss, and it is almost impossible to maintain a healthy weight when you begin eating normally again, states the American Council on Exercise. Combining a healthy diet with exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off, as it will burn the calories you consume. The government suggests that you work out for at least five hours each week to lose weight, and sports is a fun way to exercise to meet this goal. Sports can help manage stress and exercise is often prescribed by health professionals as a stress management too.  ACE states that one exercise session can produce a feeling of relaxation lasting between 90 and 120 minutes. Many people do not enjoy going to the gym, so they will be less inclined to go regularly. Engaging in a sport you enjoy will ensure that you keep it up, making sure your stress management is sustainable. Sports can help you avoid disease, according to the American Psychological Association, exercise may slow the effects of aging and help ward off dementia-like illnesses. Health Talk Now states that exercise can also increase good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol, and can help you avoid diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. High-impact, strengthening sports such as tennis, badminton, circuit training and running can help you avoid osteoporosis.


Washington Redskins News

By Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

Five months after their first-round playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the Washington Redskins are facing their traditional off-season rivals: critics of the team’s name. Writers, activists, and scholars have argued for years correctly that, the Redskins team name is a racial slur against Native Americans. The name has been declared derogatory by the US Patent and Trademark Office, and opponents have sued so far unsuccessfully to have it changed. Now, members of the DC Council are joining the fight. At-large Council Member, David Grosso, introduced a non-binding resolution , calling on Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, to scrap the team’s moniker. “The name ‘Redskins’ is historically racist and derogatory,” Grosso said in a letter to Snyder. As a replacement, he suggested the Washington Red Tails, a reference to the Tuskegee Airmen, a celebrated group of African-American World War II pilots. He hasn’t heard back from Snyder, nor does he expect to, as Snyder insists he won’t change the name.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins

Impact of Sports in America

From the Olympics to Monday Night Football, sports brings us together as a society. No matter your race, gender, age, ethnicity, or religion, sports is our common bond. In times of racism and hatred, the American society use sports as a crutch. We can always lean on professional and even collegiate and high school sports for comfort. Professional sports has for what seems like forever had a strangle hold on the American society. It seems almost every day of the week there is a sport that we as Americans can watch and enjoy. Every day of the week we can watch baseball. On Friday nights we can watch boxing. Saturday we have college football and the NFL on Sunday afternoons. Sports unite America by the simple fact that on game day, your religion doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the color of your jersey, not your skin. In the 1970’s when the only thing that mattered was whether you were black or white, baseball united us. Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron threw race wars aside and brought America together with the love of baseball. Sports has and most likely will always be the common bond that all Americans share. In a country so diverse in almost every way, sports is our common bond.


Caps Beat Boston Bruins

This was the last game of the regular season in the NHL, and a victory over the Capitals would earn them the Northeast Division Title and the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Boston Bruins lost to the Capitals (3-2) in over time. The Capitals had nothing at stake against the Bruins because they have already clinched the Southeast Division championship and made it as the No.3 seed in the Eastern Conference. The Capitals have to play the Rangers for the first round of the playoffs. It’s the fourth time in the past five seasons that the Capitals and Rangers meet in the post season. Milan Lucic and Andrew Ference put Boston ahead (2-0) before Alex Ovechkin assisted Mike Greens two goals with less then two minutes of the third period. Ovechkin didn’t get a goal himself, but he still leads in scoring. Green converted from nearly the same spot as his earlier goals to make the score (3-2) in 115 seconds. The Washington Capitals didn’t score in the first two periods but the Boston Bruins scored in the first and second. It was not until the third period that the Capitals scored two back to back goals to tie the game up and it was just enough to send them into overtime. In overtime, the Washington Capitals was just too much for the Boston Bruins. E. Fehr for the Washington Capitals scored the goal in overtime to make the victory over the Boston Bruins possible. For the Washington Capitals , M.Green, E. Fehr, and A. Ovechkin where the star players if the game. M. Green had 2 goals and 1 assist, E. Fehr had a clutch goal in overtime, and A. Ovechkin had two assists of the game. Next up is the New York rangers on Thursday , May 2nd.


National’s Lose to Miami Marlins

By Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

Washington Nationals Wednesday night lineup against the Miami Marlins was the first game with Bryce Harper back from Flu like symptoms. Bryce Harper made himself available to hit late in last nights game in spite of the fact that he was battling flu like symptoms. Bryce Harper is the Washington’s Nationals 20 year old outfielder. His  flu like symptoms kept his fellow outfielder, Denard Span, out of the Nats lineup in the second game of three against the Miami Marlins. They played at Marlins park in Miami. His teammates said that it looked as if he was about to die but he was ready to hit. He was pale as a ghost but still wanted to play. The Nationals lost to the Miami Marlins (8-2) a horrible loss against the Nationals in the series. The Nationals 2010 1 st round pick is back in the lineup tonight for the last game of the series against Miami Marlins. Span is still out, Roger Bernadina is back in the outfield tonight after going 0-4 with a grounder in the two hole last night. Bryce Harper and Steve Lombardozzi is at the top of the lineup. In 8 games so far this season,  Lambardozzi is 6 for 16 with three doubles one the year. The game features Ross Detwiler on the mound against the Marlins in his third straight start of the season. After this game the Nationals are off to face the Mets in New York.

The Air Jordan Era

By Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

These days you got to have every pair of Jordan’s that releases or you are a nobody. To me I think you can go without the shoe it’s just a hype beast. I love shoes and I buy them a lot but Jordan’s are starting to come out almost every week now. This weekend there is a pair of Jordan’s called the Air Jordan’s 8’s, the eighth  shoe that Michael Jordan released. The Air Jordan 8 was released during the 1992-93 “Three-Peat” Championship season. The Air Jordan 8 was the last Air Jordan shoe that Jordan wore before retiring the first time.  The Bulls and Jordan won their third consecutive NBA title. Jordan himself got seventh straight scoring title and reached a milestone in his NBA career when scoring his 20,000th point. The Air Jordan 8 was one heavy hype beast. It’s base was clearly close to its predecessor but it had a lot more details, colors, and accents. It had cross- over Velcro leather straps and padded. The padding in the shoe was thick so it made the shoe heavy and easily got warm. The Air Jordan 8 was first retroed in 2003. Nike kept it short and sweet with the Air Jordan release. It was only 4 color ways released in total. The Air Jordan 8 are also know as “The Bugs Bunny’s” because of the two straps that are on them. The Air Jordan 8 retros were one of the most anticipated retros ever released. Michael Jordan impacted the shoe industry in a big way but also played a role in children life such as mines. Michael Jordan is a big inspiration to me and somebody that I would be proud to look up to especially me being a young basketball player. Michael Jordan is an entrepreneur and a great basketball hall of gamer any person would live to be in his state right now. If I could do what he did and impact the world in such ways it would be a honor because people all over the world are wearing his shoes and making him more rich and wealthy even thoughtless doesn’t play basketball anymore.


Sports & Fitness

By Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

Sports and other physical activities have innumerable physical health benefits. It can improve cardio respiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, increase life expectancy, and coronary health. Sports can also help prevent different types of cancer and weight gain. Sports can also have positive effects on mental health by reducing depression and improving cognitive function. Sports can give you long term weight loss and help avoid weight gain. Sports increases metabolic rates and can help increase lean body mass while you burn calories and get rid of excess fat. Sports can help you maintain a healthy weight. Between two and a half to five hours of moderately intensive physical activity can help achieve weight stability. High intensity sports can help people who want to lose weight or maintain a significant amount of weight loss. Sports can help people. Of all ages maintain and improve the health of their heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of coronary disease and stroke.  As you grow older, physical activity becomes more important for the health of your bones, muscles and joints. Building bone, muscle and joint strength is also important for kids . Sports can be a form of mental therapy for people with physiological disorders and depression. Sports may promote self- esteem in the form of positive perception of body image and self- worth. Sorts can decrease colon cancer by as much as 300 percent. It can also significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer, and might decrease the risk of lung cancer.



Washington Capitals Victory Against the Winniepeg Jets

By Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

The Washington Capitals‘ last game with the Winniepeg Jets at the Verizon center ended up with a victory for the Capitals. They’re heading to the Stanley Cup Playoffs as the Southeast Division Champions. The same team that’s started the season with two wins in its first 13 games and entered play in 14th place, seven points removed from a playoff spot and nine points off the division lead, won its fifth division title in the past six years and locked up the number 3 seed in the Eastern conference by beating the Jets (5-3) on Tuesday at the Verizon center. Braden Holtby made 24 saves for the Capitals.

The Capitals are 14-2-1 in their past 17 games dating back to March 21, when they played the first of two in a row in Winnipeg. They won both by a combined 10-1 and haven’t looked back in taking over the division lead from the Jets. The Jets played their  last game of the regular season Thursday against the Montreal Canadiens. Ovechkin had a combined 3 goals and five points in the last two games. Hendricks no. 5 gave Beagle no.6 an assists for the goal for the first points of the game. Ovechkin scores 2 straight points for the Capitals. Chimera scores the 4th goal for Washington to make the score (4-2). In the third period Perreault and Erskine both assisted each other with the final pints of the game and the Capitals come out with the win against the Winnipeg Jets for the final score of (5-3). With this win against the Winnipeg Jets the Washington Capitals clinched the first spot for the Southeast division and winning the division championship. Some people believe that the winning streak that the Capitals went on was nearly impossible about a month ago the way they where playing, but the Capitals bounced back and clinched a top spot in the division.  Congratulations to the Capitals for their hard play!



All you have to do is try!

It’s easy to think that losing weight is hard…And it is, but what most don’t realize is that just a few minutes of light weight exercise can go a long way. Even if you feel you don’t have time, you do. You just have to MAKE time to be active! Just because you have to be active, doesn’t mean you have to push yourself to do things that you can’t or do not want to do. Playing sports, dancing, or even going for a 10 minute walk before your meal can help with losing weight. Its a step by step process and takes time to increase your intensity, but that’s okay. As long as you try to be more active and follow your plan you will be well on your way to your goal weight!