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One Woman’s Struggle with Weight Loss & Her Success

Tanya PhotoIf you’ve ever struggled to exercise or lose weight and given up over and over again you’re not alone. Many people struggle with low self esteem and a belief that weight loss is too hard. Tanya thought the same thing. Then her sister challenged her to get her body back and a special sister’s only trip to the Steve Harvey Awards in Atlanta if she lost 50 pounds. Tanya’s determination kicked in and she’s lost 67 POUNDS and is still going! Listen to her story!

Now how will Tanya continue her journey? Find out in this video!

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MECKids Ignites Our “Natitude” with Nationals’ Oscar Bermudez!

By MECKids Da’Quan Givens, MECKids Blog Ambassador

I have recently had the wonderful opportunity to get an interview with Mobile Marketing & Broadcast Production Assistant of the Washington Nationals‘ Baseball Club, Oscar Bermudez, and he gave me some GREAT information about the Nationals that I believe a lot of baseball fans do not know. I’ve came up with questions that he gave amazing feedback on, and here is what he shared with MECKids:

DG: How long has the NatMobile been in existence?

Oscar Bermudez: The NatMobile has been in existence since August 2009.

DG: The NatMobile has made such wonderful contributions to support health and fitness for youth and families.  What is the NatMobile’s overarching mission in the community and what kind of impact has it made?

Oscar Bermudez:  Our mission is to spread the joy and excitement of the Nationals out into the community.  Many of our fans only experience this feeling when they come to our stadium, Nationals Park, but we spread the excitement out on the road, not just at the stadium.  We have realized that we have gained more fans and generated more love for the Nationals by us being able to take our excitement out into the community.

 DG: What is your favorite part of being a member of the Nationals organization & how has that inspired you?

Oscar Bermudez: My favorite part is always seeing the happiness of our fans when we take our NatMobile out on the road to an event and when I see the fans come to our stadium.  Their reaction and joy is contagious and it makes me feel so proud to know that we, as an entire organization, are able to bring this type of enthusiasm into their lives.  I feel inspired to continue being a good employee in order to see the smiles in our fan’s faces.

 DG: What are your thoughts about this season’s prospects and new players?

Oscar Bermudez:  I think we have one of the best teams in Major League baseball this year.  They have a lot of talent and 90% of the team members are back this year, so they know how to play together as a team.  Our new players are very experienced and should be able to blend in easily with the players that we already had from last year.

 DG: What is your favorite motivational quote from any of the baseball players?

Oscar Bermudez:  My favorite motivational quote comes from our Left Outfielder, Bryce Harper, who stated that, “hustle and hard work comes from within and you have control over it.”  Basically, meaning that even if you are not the smartest, fastest, or tallest player on the team, you can still work hard and hustle on every single play, because you control that and can show great energy each time you play.

DG: How did you decide on which new Racing President to add to the dancing mascots?

Oscar Bermudez:  I am not sure how our new Racing President, Robert Taft, was chosen, but I can say that he was a very well liked and respectable President in his time in office, and I am very happy with the choice.

DG: What inspirational words do you have for young aspiring baseball players?

Oscar Bermudez:  My advice would be to always work hard and never give up at the goal you have placed in your heart.  No matter how hard the challenge, goal, or task is, always do your very best to accomplish it.  It does not matter if you fail at it, just do your best and you will never have any regrets.  Do your best and never give up.  If you win, win like a champion, but if you lose, lose like a champion.

After interviewing with Oscar Bermudez, I got a very inspirational lesson in what “Natitude” is all about and his words of wisdom can motivate youth and families everywhere in living a healthful, fruitful and successful lives.