MECKids For Parents.

Are you worried about your kids’ health?

Study after study shows that the patterns formed in childhood are a huge influence on lifelong health. Childhood obesity is a very real threat for children all across the country (especially with massive advertising clout behind sugary cereals, soda pop and processed food). It’s more important than ever to make sure that your kid is forming good habits as early as possible in life.

So whether your kid is struggling or you’re just hoping to reinforce healthy patterns, we have lots of tools for you. And if you’re trying to get in better shape, too, you might just learn a thing or two yourself!

The Five Areas Of Focus

  • Cardiovascular Health: healthy hearts mean long, productive lives
  • Nutrition & Food Choices: so that they can eat well even when you don’t have time to make dinner
  • Flexibility: helps to reduce sports-related injuries
  • Strength Conditioning: not just for athletes, a strong body helps anyone stay fit
  • Stress Management: hectic schedules, standardized testing, and school dances all take their toll

Teach Your Child Self-Reliance

One of the great things about MECKids is that it puts your child in charge of their own fitness. Much like you give your kid an allowance to teach them about money, MECKids can give them a place to learn about the body that they’ll be living in for the decades to come.

A Safe Place To Grow

Social media is here to stay, for better and for worse. You’ve probably already started taking steps to make sure that your kid is safe when they go online.

MECKids is a social environment, and we pride ourselves on being a 100% safe place for students of all ages. Absolutely no bullying is tolerated. MECKids is a great community for your child to learn about responsible and respectful use of social media—all in a safe, controlled environment.