Meckids at the Mystics Game!

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Lets GO Mystics!


MECKIDS mystics

MECKids Goes to the Mystics Game!

The Washington Mystics versus San Antonio Silver Stars game was incredible. From the National Anthem all the way to the last buzzer. Special thanks to Capital One for the tickets, we had amazing seats and cool cups. In the first quarter you could tell the game was going to be good. The team was pumped up throughout the entire game. The Mystics took no time to start scoring and take the lead. By halftime they were still in the lead. During halftime there was a kids basketball team that played a quick game, and the Mystics Mayhem performed a dance for us. Since we had such great seats I could feel the energy from the kids which got our MECKids team pumped up. Going into the 3rd quarter the Silver Stars were trying to make a comeback, but our wonderful lady Mystics were not letting that happen. The 4th quarter was exciting but we knew who the winners were going to be. You could hear people in the crowd excited about the score because the Mystics had such a lead over the Silver Stars. They stopped shooting in the last 15 seconds of the game since the Mystics were the clear winners. It was a great game and the crowd was pumped up for the entire time. Thanks again to Capital one for the tickets, and we look forward to many more great games like this one.

Student Ambassador: Kelly M.