Fashionable and Fit

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Greetings!  Now that we have kicked 2013 off, many people are rushing to the gym to follow through with their new year resolutions.  However, there is a few us that may need a little extra motivation to get going.  Well one way to do that is to up the ante on our fitness wardrobe.  I’ve come across some chic gear across the net.  Check out my three favorites below:

Women’s Color-block Ankle Pants – $19.80 – Forever 21

Black leggings

These pants are color-blocked!  So on trend!  Need I say more?

Sphere Bomber Men’s Running Jacket – $90 – Nike

Black jacket

I love this jacket because it’s water resistant which is great for winter months.  A great bonus is that it has an internal audio pocket for media-player storage.  Great buy!

New Balance Women’s W900XC Competition Rubber Running Shoe – $70 – Amazon

running shoes

This shoe is great for running.  It’s lightweight and has a colorful style.  This shoe is sure to wake you and the ground with style.


Who says you can’t be fashionable and fit?  Your health is so important, so you might as well do it in style.  Make this year not only healthy, but FABULOUS!

You’ve been STAMPED!



Whitney Wasso

About Whitney Wasso

Hey, there! :) My name is Lamy but you can call me Whitney as well. I am Afro-German and I’ve visited many countries in the world like France, Holland, Belgium, England and Cameroon (a country in Africa) and experienced many different cultures. Different cultures have different mediums of health and fitness. But ever since I came to the United States, health and fitness have played a major role in my life.I have played many sports from basketball to softball to volleyball to track and field. Playing all these sports, kept me in shape, were positive outlets and were effective ways to relieve stress. As a student athlete, it is important to incorporate both healthy eating habits and fitness because the hard work won’t pay off if you only apply one and not the other. My favorite hobbies were playing the violin and modelling. I am a caring, independent and strong-willed individual who knows that in order to accomplish anything in life you have to learn from your mistakes and/or past experiences.