Controversy about Washington Redskins Name & Logo

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A few mascots and logos in American professional sports invoke controversy, such as the Washington Redskins. Some claim that it represents the history of Native Americans, and some people believe it’s’ racist and highly offensive. This controversy about the Washington Redskins has been going on for many years, but the mascot has remained since 1933, when it originated in Boston prior to them moving to Washington, D.C.

The controversy has very deep roots. Even though they had this name for most of its history, the name and mascot has really started to become a problem in 1922. 25 years after the Redskins originally trademarked the brand, a group of Native Americans filed a lawsuit against the team’s name. The case was later dismissed after the Supreme Court refused to take it up.  Years later, after the team was attempting to build a new stadium in Washington, D.C, and Senator Ben Campbell introduced legislation that would have required the team to change the name before building the stadium in D.C.  The owner Jack Cooke, did not comply, and eventually moved the construction outside the city. Throughout the Redskins history, the government, social groups, and Native Americans have attempted to get the name changed. So far none of them has even gotten close to getting the name changed. If the Redskins were forced to change, they are thinking about changing it to the Warriors. The logo wouldn’t have to change that much, or the colors, just the name would be changed. Also, if they were forced to change the name, the Braves could be a serious option. The team originated in 1932 as the Boston Braves, but a year later they changed it to the Boston Redskins. After four years the team moved to Washington. This will satisfy a lot of people because the name the Braves is not using Native American imagery in their logos or mascots.

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