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MomNMe Fit Virtual 30 Day Fitness Challenge

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The momNmeFit challenge is a virtual 30-day Fitness Challenge designed to provide mothers with a structured program that will help encourage, educate and empower them to a healthier lifestyle in 2015. However, unlike other fitness challenges, the momNmeFit challenge is a trailblazing program focusing on teaming mothers up with their kids so that they can participate in this journey of health and fitness as a family.

This 30-day adventure forges the proper habits needed for healthy living. Mothers and kids can embrace this challenge together, which allows them to experience a greater joy in their collective success and the improved overall health of their family.

Sophie B. echoes what a lot of momNmefit Challenge mothers have been expressing in regards to the example that they can set for their daughters:

“It’s very important to me to make sure I set a good example of healthy living for my daughter. As she enters her teenage years I know she will be more concerned with how she looks and I want her to be proud of how she looks. Most importantly I want her to develop healthy habits now that she will grow up with so taking this journey together will create great memories and great habits!”

The momNmeFit challenge makes hard work fun and exciting. The enrollment process is a breeze, low-cost and life changing.  And if that weren’t enough to entice moms and kids to enroll, participants can compete against each other for some really cool prizes.

Participants will receive daily accountability, encouragement, coaching, guidance and fitness goals. Mom’s must post one photo on their Social Media accounts to show their commitment and willingness to be held accountable.

Workouts will have a Bootcamp feel and encompass a wide range of muscle blasting, heart pumping exercises to help burn the calories and blast away the unwanted pounds. Individual fitness levels will be taken into consideration.

Participants will also learn how to shop for healthy living, tasty recipes and meal preparation. All the bases are covered in this program. And just to make sure participants stay on track, there are fitness raffles based on the family’s participation.

Rebecca M. is excited about the potential life changing habits that the momNmeFit challenge instills:

“This program will help people like me learn the habits needed for a healthier lifestyle. I’m excited to learn these lessons alongside my kids. Our family will be happier and healthier.”

Don’t let 2015 start off on the wrong foot. Put those New Year’s resolutions into action and get moving with the momNmeFit 30-day challenge.

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Mom’s…Getting Fit on a Tight Schedule

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Mom’s…Getting Fit on a Tight Schedule

We all wonder why time is never enough when it comes to health and fitness. For parents, especially mom’s, it is even harder because they have to fit in many tasks in their daily agendas. These tasks not only revolve around themselves, but rather around an entire family making time even shorter. Managing time and prioritizing is the key to success. How important is it for you to stay healthy and to influence your kids to be healthy as well?

Kids’ bigger role models are their parents. Children are like sponges; they absorb (learn and copy) everything they hear or see. While kids are in their developing stage of life, it is of extreme importance that parents do everything in their power to install healthy habits around eating and exercising.

Exercising can be made fun and productive at the same time. It can be used as a way to bond with your kids.  If the weather is nice outside, go to the nearest park or even in your own backyard and take a beach ball or a Frisbee and play a quick game with your kids. You could even involve the family dog in the games. This will help you manage time; while the dog goes out for a walk, you spend time with your kids and everyone gets in a couple of minutes of exercising and fresh air in their day.

As I was growing up my dad would use working out (play) as a motivation for me to finish my homework. I could go ride my bike or skate with him around the neighborhood as soon as all my school work was done. I remember having so much fun that I couldn’t wait to finish it so that I could go out and do these fun activities with my dad.

Swimming is another great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Recreation Centers are great places to go to on the weekend to bond with your kids, work out and relax for a couple of hours.

When you are purchasing toys for kids, consider toys that will allow kids to move around like jump ropes or hula hoops. Even when you and your family are watching TV at night, during the commercials everyone can fit in a couple of minutes of movement like doing jumping jacks or sit ups.

When grilling food as in for a barbecue, grill things that are considered healthy. Always add more vegetables in your plate than other foods and make sure you always keep a glass of water with you. Fruits are inexpensive and also have great benefits. Make sure your kids eat plenty of fruits and vegetables when eating their meals. I am a vegan and I encourage you to try eating less meat in your diet. Maybe you can have a day in the week in which you abstain from it for example: Vegan Fridays where you and your family will make an effort to only eating plant- based products. Cook with your kids! Involve them in the kitchen. It will serve as a learning experience for them to know what things are healthy to eat and how to make them.

Remember exercise is something that can be done at any time and under any circumstances. You can do it at work, in school (during recess time,) and a little bit before going to bed. It will help release stress and allow you to rest better at night. You can do 5 minutes of exercising with your kids before hitting the shower. There is always room for exercising. Do not let the lazy inner you to tell you otherwise. And the more you exercise, the easier it becomes. When you get used to it, you will be missing it when you don’t do it.

Fitness is tremendously important now days that the rates of child obesity have skyrocketed. People work so hard to pay bills and believe me; we all have them. However, it is possible to fit workout routines throughout your day that will bring short and long term benefits to you and your family’s lives. Inspire and motivate your kids to lead a healthy life by creating these health routines with them. It might seem tougher than it actually is. Just give it a try for at least a month without stopping for a grasp of air and the results of your new lifestyle changes may surprise you and most definitely pay off in the long run.

Stay Healthy,

Grace Vinda

MECKids Ambassador