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Hi! I'm Jasper! I'm a 14 year old going into High School this upcoming year. I am very passionate about soccer, my family, eating healthy and staying active. My blogs consist of the methods I take to stay fit in order to be on the varsity soccer team my freshman year!

Healthy Summer Foods

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I love to eat fruits I love all kinds of fruit some of my favorite fruits are Sunkist oranges, Mangos, Watermelon, peaches, and Melon. Fruit is such an amazing food because there are so many delicious kinds, it’s healthy, and it gives you energy. Vegetables are also another very healthy food source but I can’t say they are the best tasting things around but they are highly beneficial. Also, there are ways you can prepare and cook vegetables to make them taste good, some vegetables are actually delicious. Some of my favorite vegetables include broccoli, lettuce, Asparagus, carrots, and celery. Now that its summer there are many healthy summer foods for your diet.


One of the benefits of it being summer is that a lot of the fruit is in season and there are a lot of choices, I always liked to go into the grocery store and try fruits that I have never tried before. There is also a delicious vegetable known has corn that is best in the summer, nothing says summer like sweet corn. Corn is a delicious vegetable that is commonly grilled or baked and when my family and I go to the beaches in Delaware we make sure to have some corn because the corn is delicious over there. Corn also has two antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin) that act has sunglasses that form pigment to filter out some of the sun’s harmful rays.

Believe it or not tomatoes also protect you from the sun as well because lycopene which is Capturewhat makes the tomatoes red is also known to protect you from sun burn it’s also known to prevent chronic disease. Watermelon also as lycopene which will prevent sunburn but it is also good for staying hydrated because it is 92% water. I think watermelon is a good thing to have before a game half, at time break, and after a game because it gives you energy and replenished your lost nutrients, especially now that it’s getting hot and it’s good to stay hydrated. If you like tea then there aren’t too many things better than drinking a refreshing class of iced tea on a hot day, but tea is also good for your body. Drinking tea regularly is known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. It’s also good for your mouth, teeth, and gums, because tea is rich in antioxidants. It’s always good to drink freshly brewed tea teas that are rich in antioxidants include black, green, oolong, white or herbal.


Beach Vibes!

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Tons of people head to the beach through out there summer vacations because who doesn’t love the beach? Whether you like to walk on the board walk, sit on the beach, or swim in the ocean the beach is a great place for everybody. During the summer I usually go to Bethany Beach in Delaware with my family I’ve also gone to Ocean City, New Jersey this summer they are both really fun places to go to. The beach may be a very fun place to go to but it’s also a good place to exercise at a lot of people get a good workout at the beach without even intending on it! When I was at the beach I noticed that I was doing tons of walking from place to place because when you’re at the beach you don’t want to spend time in the car. Walking is so simple but it’s a good exercise especially if you’re doing a lot of it. When I was at the beach we would walk everywhere that we could because we had been in the car for hours so we wanted to avoid the car as much as we could. At most beaches there are tons of places that rent out bikes, and that’s because biking around the boardwalk or just around the town is a popular thing. We did not rent bikes when we were there but we really wanted to because it’s a good work out and it does not take as long as walking. If you spend a lot of time on the beach than you are probably doing a lot of exercise as well because there is a lot of things to do on the beach like playing sports like volleyball, soccer, and football another thing that kids do at the beach that is a great workout is shoveling you know how you’ve always wanted to “dig a hole to china” in the sand well I’ve dug holes in the sand and it’s quite the workout. Finally, the ocean is a great place to exercise in because you’re not only swimming but you’re going against the waves and the currents add all those together and you get a pretty decent workout this is my favorite thing to do at the beach.



Powerade VS. Gatorade

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Powerade VS. Gatorade


Water is one of the best things for you and we need it to survive because it keeps you hydrated. There are also other drinks that help you hydrate by giving you electrolytes and nutrients lost in sweat like Gatorade and Powerade. The question is which one is better for you I drink both when I’m playing soccer in my games, at practice, or at a camp. The best thing about both of them is that they are beneficial and they both taste good there are also many flavors to try, time to find out which one is better.

People may think that Gatorade is better because it has more flavors that are delicious from cucumber lime to fierce melon. but is that the only reason why it’s good? Gatorade started in 1965 at the University of Florida (home of the gators). Gatorade is used to fight dehydration and is a mix of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes all of those together are very effective with handling dehydration. Your body starts to cramp when you do not have enough potassium but drinks like Gatorade and orange juice have potassium which will help you avoid those extremely painful cramps. Gatorade also has different types of drinks for different situations some of them are for before you play, while you play, and after you play there are also energy chews. Gatorade also gives you the opportunity to have it where ever you have water because they sell Gatorade powder in which you can make your own Gatorade just by mixing it with water.


Gatorade is not the only sports drink out there that tastes good and is good for you Powerade is Gatorade’s prime competition. People may prefer Powerade because it has Vitamins in it (B-3, B-6, and B-12) and it tastes good. Aside from giving you carbs, electrolytes and water Powerade also provides you with vitamins like B-3, B-6, and B-12. Based off of a 2,000calorie diet per day Powerade provides ten percent of your daily value of vitamins. Vitamin B-3 is associated converting food into energy and digestion, Vitamin B-6 is associated with the production of red blood cells, which adds oxygen to the blood stream, and Vitamin B-12 maintains the blood cell count. Also Powerade also offers a zero calorie version which is good for people who do not want such sugary drinks. I think Powerade is great because it contains these vitamins and I also think that is why it is so popular among athletes.


So now it is time to decide which one overall is better for you Gatorade or Powerade. Gatorade’s best features are all the different flavors they have, and all the different forms they have. Powerade’s best features are they have vitamins and minerals (B-3, B-6, and B-12), and it has a zero calorie form. Because Gatorade and Powerade are so similar the best way to see which one is better for you is to do it based off of nutritional facts. For carbs,Gatorade uses sucrose, and dextrose which are two simple sugars and Powerade uses high fructose corn syrup which is associated with certain health issues. For electrolytes Gatorade has more potassium and sodium which is necessary for athletes but Powerade also features vitamins. Powerade and Gatorade are both great sports drinks but if you are doing marathon level distances or high level intensity activities than Gatorade is the better choice, Gatorade also has a lot more flavors than Powerade.

Wrap-up of my summer fun!

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It’s finally summer for Fairfax County after our extended school year due to snow, there are so many things for people to do during the three months we have off. A lot of people go on vacation or go to the pool, but a lot of people aren’t very active during the summer which is not good. In this blog I will introduce a lot of good ways to stay healthy in the summer. My summer will consist of a lot of soccer because I want to practice a lot so I can be prepared for High school soccer, also swimming, and biking, and running


I will be practicing/playing a lot of soccer this summer because I want to be as prepared as I can be for High school soccer. Soccer is a good activity to do to stay healthy, because it involves running and using a lot of your body’s muscle. In soccer you run a lot because that is just the way the game is, and in doing so it increases your muscular endurance. Also, it builds muscle into your legs too, but you don’t only use your legs muscle you use your shoulders, back, arms, and your abdominals. If you are outside playing soccer in this heat of the summer it will really get you fit, but it is important to drink a lot of water or you will start to get cramps in your legs. Soccer is a great thing to do in the summer whether it Is for a camp or with your friends or even by yourself. This is the perfect time to be playing soccer because this year the World Cup is on hopefully it will inspire many people to play!


Running, biking, and swimming are great things to do to be active. Especially now that it is summer you can go to the pool with your friends for hours! My friends and I love to ride our bikes all over the place sometimes we bike for hours to all sorts of places. You can bike on trails, through parks, or what I like to do just go on an adventure and see what you can find. Running can be a little intense in the summer heat but it will put you into shape, and since I’m going to be doing cross country in the fall it is important that I get some running in this summer.


There are also lots of camps that kids can go to have a lot of fun and to exercise. I’ve gone to a lot of sports camps that do a lot of different sports all in one camp those are the ones I like. I like those camps because you get to try different sports and you’re exercising. There are camps at Nzone, Dulles Sports Plex, Cub run and there are also camps like Rec Pac and Summer SACC where you do a lot of other things in addition to playing sports. Summer is a great time to have a lot of fun and get fit at the same time.



Soccer PRO’s practice during the Summer!

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The summer time is a perfect time for me to practice as much as I can before high school starts. If I want to play on the Oakton varsity soccer team as a freshmen than I have to be a really good player which means I have to practice a lot. So, it’s very important that I make the most of the summer time and practice as much as I can with all my free time. I have plans on how I’m going to use my summer to prepare for high school soccer like running, and practicing at home, playing with my friends, and going to camps.


When the summer first started I took a little break from soccer so I could get a little rest and relax for a little bit since school just got out. But, then a started riding my bike to soccer fields to play with my friends which is always fun. When we were there we would play little games, world cup, or practice shooting. It was convenient because there was a big shopping center right across the street from the field so, we could go get food and drinks from there. I did this for a while until I realized it was not the most efficient way to train in the summer because even though it was fun playing there, it was really hot, and there were not to many people there to play games now I usually just go in the evening or on weekends when there are more people there.


As the summer went on I started to have more practices and I ended up having four practices a week and two games on the weekend. The reason why I have so much team sessions is because I am currently playing on two teams my regular team (Annandale Boys Club) and my summer team (Washington F.C. ). At home my dad or I will set up different kinds of drills outside with cones to practice my dribbling skills. I do this during the day and then go to practice later; my objective is to try to practice as much as possible.

soccer camp

Right now I am going to camps, camps are very good because you pretty much play soccer all day and on top of that you’re learning. When I go to camp I make sure to bring a lot of water and sunscreen because you’re outside almost all day and it is important to stay hydrated and keep protected from the sun. I prefer to go to camps with my friends because I love to play soccer with my friends. I hope I get to play with more of my friends throughout the summer also, a lot of my good friends that I love to play soccer with are going to different high schools this is sad because we got really close over the school year and then now we have to split up and go to different high schools. My plan for the rest of the summer is to just practice even more than I used to and develop my weak foot.


Preparing for High School Varsity Soccer

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To prepare for high school soccer the most important thing you must have to have is commitment. Soccer in general requires a lot of running, and if you really want to stand out you have to have stellar ball skills as well. Having stellar ball skills requires training with the ball every day! Personally I prefer to play a much more technical game than you would see in an English game. In my opinion, footwork is what makes a player a good player or a bad player. To develop such skills takes enormous amount of time so, Commitment is key! Your friends can be out there always having a good time but I have learned that to become a great player you have to sacrifice a lot of things including time with your friends. For instance, just the other day I was invited by hundreds of my friends to hang out with them and I really wanted to. I even argued with my father to skip my practice but he denied my request and I went to practice which upset my friends but I had a great practice and learned a lot. My dad taught me that day that sacrifices have to be made to become the best you can be! Now to get to the main point, although I will only be a little freshman next year at Oakton HS my goal is to play on The Varsity team which of course is only a stepping-stone to signing that 4.5 million dollar contract with FC Barcelona in the future. To prepare for such things I’m willing to sacrifice time from everyday of my summer to practice/prepare for Oakton next year. I am already practicing as much as I can at home outside of my practices with my team. I practice juggling, shooting, passing, coordination, and most importantly ball control. But with all this bad weather, I have not had as much valuable time in my yard so I have been left with doing what I can in my basement. In the future I will start training to increase my stamina by running. Also, I will need to start doing push-ups and lifting weights but you do not want to lift too much because you don’t want to become too big for the game. Having strength in your upper-body and lower-body is key to being a successful player, especially in my case. If I want to be a freshman on the Oakton Varsity soccer team I will have to be strong to play with older kids so I can avoid being pushed around like a ragdoll. Also, being as strong as I can be will help me kick the ball harder and run faster. It is also very important to have a lot of stamina because I will need to be able to keep up with the older kids for long periods of time if I want to do well. Fitness, Coordination, Ball-Control, Proper technique, and confidence are all you need to be a successful player in the long run but it starts today… you have to commit yourself to the game!

Favorite teams

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Soccer is my favorite sport and my passion. I love playing it and I like to watch it sometimes. My favorite soccer teams are USA, Honduras, F.C. Barcelona and Brazil. I know that some of these are international teams, but I still love watching them play. I am also very excited to see the players from Barcelona on their world cup teams, playing against all these teams. My family and I are very excited for the world cup and will have our hands full with all of the games; it will be awesome.
USA is one of my favorite teams because it is my homeland, and I will always root for them. We may still have a long way to go in the eyes of the soccer world, but we have heart, tenacity, and the will to compete at any level of the world’s most popular game. USA has the respect of the world’s soccer super powers because we are prepared, fit, and well coached. Judging by USA’s game against Mexico recently, USA should be a dangerous factor in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year; hopefully they will go fairly far this year.

The next team that I have a passion for is Honduras. Honduras is part of the roots of my existence. My father was born there along with most of my family on his side. They always root for the blue and white. Soccer in Honduras is a religion. There is even a law that lets workers and students take off from work and school to watch there national team play. I also like the way Honduras plays because the players are very flamboyant like a peacock, passionate, and athletic. I hope USA and Honduras meet somewhere in the World Cup.

FC Barcelona is no doubt one of the best teams on the planet, proving this with their win against Real Madrid during the El Classico game. They have the 5’ 6”, magical, phenomenal Lionel Messi, who is one of my favorite players behind Ronaldinho. Messi is easily the best in the world. Of course others may argue about Ronaldo being better. Barcelona’s first touch rhythm is the best in all Europe. Other teams struggle to keep up when they play them. Most of the players on Barcelona, especially Neymar, have out-of-this-world skills which is why I like them. Barcelona is also very sportsman-like and is a good role model for other teams.

Last but not least I love Brazil and their style of play. They have produced some of the best players that ever lived like Ronaldinho, my favorite player in the whole world. Brazil is almost always favored to win when they play. They have the up-beat tempo and the footwork of samba dancers. When their foot skills and samba come together it makes their footwork insane. Watching them play is a thing of beauty, and when they mess up you hardly notice it. What I love about Brazil is that they exhibit all there love, passion, and talents with every touch on the ball.

How Do I prepare for my soccer games?

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What you do before a soccer game can and will affect your results during the game. It all starts the night before my game. It is very important to drink a lot of water the day before so I am very hydrated for my game the next day. Sometimes, I practice with my team the day before. I think this can be really helpful because you get the chance to warm-up your touch. I also make sure that I am well rested for my game by going to bed at a reasonable time and getting at least nine hours of sleep. This is very important because, I have learned from experience that although exercise gives you energy, if your body is truly tired than you may not be able to play 100% and will not succeed in keeping your pace up with the game.

On game day it is very important to eat something light and non-dairy (milks, eggs, and cheese.) Also, you want to avoid meats like beef, hamburgers, sausage, and more. I know this because I have eaten foot longs from Subway with all meat before a game and it messed me up big time. Juice is very good for energy but not too much because it can cause cramps. Believe me, cramps can be very annoying during the game. Carbs are also a great thing to have pre-game but it is key to have enough time to digest your food, otherwise stomach aches can occur. Once I have eaten a good meal I double- check to make sure I have my uniforms (Red, White, Black). Personally, having three uniforms can be cool but it is very annoying because you have so many clothes to look after and be responsible for especially when you have a brother that has the same three. When I am in the car I love to listen to my music; music is a good thing because it gives you a rhythm to have in your head during your game. I like listening to some samba songs which are Brazilian because they have cool rhythms and beats.

When I get to the field I begin to warm up with my team we usually do a running drill, stretching, shooting, and possession. Of course, I am usually sore so, sometimes I stretch individually to loosen up those sores. Stretching and doing a proper warm up is very important so that you are loose and ready to go for your game. While you are sitting on the bench it is a good idea to stay warm by wearing coats, so when you go on you are warm. Finally, the game starts and since I am in two different leagues we have different times for how long the games are for EDP it is 40 minutes and for CCL it is 35 minutes. After the games our coach tells us what we did good and wrong and based on what we need to work on that is what we will do at practice during the week.

Staying fit alone and with friends

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Fitness is one of the key components for soccer; if you’re not fit you will not do as well. Just in general, lack of fitness can result in diabetes and obesity. A lot of people have organized plans for their workouts. My friends and I do all sorts of things outside to stay fit or just to have fun. My favorite things to do with my friends are: play soccer, ride bikes, and play fun games. I have many more things that I love to do like swimming but those are just my top 3.

Of course to stay fit for soccer I play a lot of soccer with my friends. Whenever we can my friends and I play soccer at a field in Herndon, we stay there for hours at a time one time we were there form 11:30AM-7:30PM. When we go there to play, we play all sorts of games like keep away, World Cup, and mini-games. It is very beneficial for your ball skills because you play with so many people; you have to keep the ball close to your feet. Practicing this makes the ball become glued to your feet. I think this is good for staying fit because you’re running a lot which is good for stamina and you’re practicing your technique and developing good foot skills. All of these are very important components of soccer.

Another activity my friends and I participate in is bike riding. I also love to skateboard. My friends and I love to ride bikes all over the place especially to the Fox Mill shopping center and Franklin Farm shopping center. Biking is good to stay fit for soccer because you are building your strength in your legs by peddling. Often times, I like to peddle really hard on high gears because I go really fast but also because it builds muscle on my legs. In addition, riding really fast for long periods of time will increase your muscle and cardio endurance. Biking is also a good way to adventure and explore, to find new things.
Finally, we play all sorts of games outside for fun and to stay fit, like football, basketball, tennis, pole tag, and capture the flag, and sometimes infected. Pole tag, infected and capture the flag are my favorites. The way we play pole tag is someone is it and they have to stop all the other players from getting to the pole. However, when people get tagged they become taggers; we do this until there is one winner. Also, we prefer to play it at night because it gives better hiding spots. Infected is just like pole tag, accept without a pole. Before when we were younger we used to play this almost every day at school. Finally, the way we play capture the flag is there are two flags, one for each team. Each team brings their flag to a designated spot and the two teams try to get both flags. But, there are boundaries and when one person crosses them the other team can tag them, when they are tagged they go to jail. To break someone out of jail or you have to call a jailbreak. Each team only as one jailbreak per game. These games are great ways to stay fir because you HAVE to run. Also, these games are very great ways to have fun in the sun, proving that you can have fun and work on your fitness at the same time.

Ham and Egg Stir-fry

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I love all sorts of foods but many of them I have no idea how to cook, like my favorite Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup, and a lot of them are not the healthiest. But one meal that I like to make myself is a stir-fry of rice, eggs, vegetables, and meat. This
is also very easy to make especially if you have left over rice, because sometimes rice takes a long time to cook. It is also one of my favorite things to eat when I come home from school or for a quick easy dinner.

The main thing you need for this recipe is rice. Rice is easily one of my favorite things to have in the world. I eat it with almost anything Steak, Salmon, Chicken, etc… I especially love rice noodles which are in my favorite soup, Vietnamese chicken noodle (Pho). Also, rice is also good for you. It is a carbohydrate which means it gives you energy, for soccer games or basketball games. White rice is not the healthiest kind of rice but it is one of the most common. Red rice and brown rice are two kinds of very healthy rice.

Meat is another ingredient for my stir-fry I usually use leftover steak, but you can us whatever meet you want for the stir-fry. I like to use beef rather than chicken because I eat a lot more chicken than I do beef. I also prefer well done steak, because I don’t like the taste of the juicy red meat, and when it is more cooked you do not taste as much fat as well, Also steak is an excellent source of protein which helps build muscle, and a good source of calories.

The final required ingredient is eggs. I love having eggs in my stir-fry because it goes well with the other foods in it, and it adds to the taste. When I prepare the eggs I usually use two scrambled eggs topped with salt and pepper. Or if you like the taste
of the yolk you can make them sunny side up that way the yolk mixes with the other foods for more flavor. Eggs are another great source of protein for your body with just the right amount of fat (5g). Eggs are very beneficial towards the body indeed there are
many reasons on the web why they are as well.

Once you have cooked/prepared all your ingredients together you just simply mix them together in a big bowl. But also if you have time you can add vegetables, I prefer cherry tomatoes (chopped) and lettuce. I’m not much of a tomato fan but I do like cherry tomatoes because I think they are a little sweeter than regular ones, and I love lettuce. Sometimes, I will add some crushed almonds as a seasoning and I like it because it gives the stir-fry something crunchy. Finally, Soy Sauce is something I recommend you add; it gives the stir fry the final burst of flavor. Hope you enjoy!