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I am a sophomore in high school, and let's just say, I'm trying my best to survive! I currently reside in Virginia, but I have lived all over the country ever since I was six. If I had to summarize my interest in healthy living and exercise, I would have to say that it's difficult for such a busy teenager to focus on anything besides academics, but I work it out! I am in the International Baccalaureate program, which a fancy name for classes that are more challenging than Advanced Placement. I work very hard to maintain my health and my grades, but I find the time and energy to achieve anything I set my mind to. I hope my blog helps teenagers and young adults find new, fresh ways to live their lives, despite a hectic schedule.

H2O Intolerant

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Let’s face it, most of us know how much water is essential to everyday health, but we neglect to meet the requirement.

Soda can be more inexpensive and convenient than a bottle of Aqaufina™ . Dehydration can cause fatigue, dizziness, headaches, acne, and a general weakness. I have found that even drinking a cup of water with your breakfast- instead of my  usual juice- wakes me up and makes me feel just as energized as if I had a cup of coffee. The dreaded “Eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day” rule makes drinking water sound like a chore. However, I have learned a plethora of tips to help make drinking water easier.


Have it handy

When I was younger, I used to love to drink water. When all my friends would respond with Sprite™ or Coca Cola™ when asked what their favorite drink was, I would always stay faithful to H2O. I even drank water when it became hot from sitting in the car all day. Nowadays, with such a busy schedule, I usually choose whatever is convenient when I find myself parched.

It’s pretty self explanatory that keeping a bottle or tumbler accessible at all times can make drinking water a habit. Whether it be in your locker, on your desk, or by your bedside table, reminding yourself that water is available will make the need come naturally.

Spice it up

I used to go to camp every July. The sticky, humid air of Louisiana would weigh all of us down, and we would have our water bottle strapped to our hips at all times. The counselors made it a rule that before we ate, we had to drink three glasses of water. It was not fun for me, especially since being told what to do takes the fun out of everything. So I began to put watermelon cubes in my glass as a way to sweeten the chore. Ever since then, naturally flavored water is my preference.

You can flavor water with any type of fruit, excluding bananas. My mother prefers lemon and lime water. I like to use strawberries and watermelon. It’s simple to make infused water. Here are the steps:


Step One: Choose your fruit

Here are some fruits that I had handy. Today I am choosing the trusty watermelon. I am also using the mason jar, even though all these containers are viable possibilities. You can even make it in a pitcher.


Step Two: Squeeze!

After putting the fruit in the container, take a spoon or spatula and squeeze all the available juice out. Try to avoid mangling the fruit itself.


Step Three: Ice Ice, Baby

Using a handful of ice cubes, pack down the fruit.


Step Four: Take a Chill Pill

Fill with water and chill in the fridge for at least 6 hours. I steep mine overnight.

Another good tip regarding variety is to eat your water. Foods containing high percentages of water can hydrate you. Watermelon, cucumbers, celery, or even soup with a lighter broth can count as your water intake.

Track it

You don’t actually have to follow the 8×8 rule, you just need to remember when and how frequently you should be drinking in the first place. There are many apps available, like Waterlogged, that has set reminders for water breaks. If apps aren’t your thing, you can set alarms to drink 2-3 glasses in intervals throughout the day. Here is a helpful chart to find how much water you should technically be drinking:

Stay Healthy,


Neila Rey: Fitness Extraordinaire

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If you’re a geek for anything relating to comic books or superheroes, then do I have a workout for you! Not only is it quick and easy to execute, but it works out every muscle in your body, making it perfect for busy bees who want to stay in shape. The best part? The creator of the workouts, Neila Rey, based each of her fitness plans off of a famous superhero or comic book figure.


The Benefits of Neila Rey’s Workouts

I discovered these workouts while surfing my favorite social media site. I was immediately intrigued by the visual aid that was minimalist and easy to read.

  • Each exercise is accompanied by an instructional picture to help people (like me) that are visual thinkers.
  • It specifies how many times you should repeat each exercise to maximize caloric burn.
  • Works with  muscular strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and core strengthening. Basically, your whole body will be in for a shock.
  • It takes up to 30 minutes, making it an aerobic exercise plan.

The best part, however, is the bottom banner, highlighted below.

Wolverine Workout1

It cleverly helps you out by explaining how many sets you should perform if you are a beginner, novice, or expert. Now, I am what you could consider…a lazy bum who can’t do more than 10 pushups a beginner. This workout program helps cater to my needs and holds my hand as I progress.

Plus, it’s entertaining to imagine that I’m a superhero training to fight evil.

To honor the newest superhero movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past (which is AMAZING, seriously you’re missing out if you haven’t seen it), I will be showing you the “Wolverine” workout. The link below is a PDF file that shows you the original image of the workout.


Step One: High Knees (24)



We could not get action shots, so I had to awkwardly stand there like a flamingo. The neighbors were amused.

Step Two:  Squats (24)


The smile on my face says it all.

Step Three: Climbers (24)



Step Four: Raised Leg Push-Ups (10)


Luckily, she specified 10, which is my maximum capability.

Step Five: Shoulder Touches (10)



Step Six: Plank Jump Ins (10)



The photographer caught me mid-sentence complaining about this exercise.

Step Seven: Reverse Crunches (12)



Step Eight: Sitting Twists (12)



Step Nine: Flutter Kicks (24)




Step Ten: Rest and Stretch



For someone who isn’t in stellar shape, these exercises are just challenging enough for me to sweat and burn. Wolverine sure does work his core! I repeat each exercise three times, with two minute breaks in between. At the end of the workout, I was sweating, but felt good. I also ran around the block a few times to let off steam and by the end, I was beat.


Neila Rey’s unique take on pairing everyday exercises into something both beneficial and pop culture savvy is something new and refreshing. She doesn’t just create superhero fitness plans either. She has more than 120 visual workout guides with a diverse selection of themes to suit all your geeky needs, like Fight Club, Hunger Games, BBC’s Sherlock, and Star Wars, to name a few. Her website has everything you need to work out in a time crunch, which is perfect for a busy student like myself.

Stay Healthy,




Me throwing out my ankle after trying high knees. Don’t forget to stretch before and after, people!


“I’m so strong, you can’t even see my muscles!”

All credit goes to Neila Rey. To view Neila Rey’s workouts and other super cool stuff, visit her website at: