MECKids is the internet’s largest fitness and health community that’s just for kids and  teens. Our mission is to help students of all ages take control of their own fitness and health choices, build healthy habits, and become a part of a welcoming and safe online community.

Our Focus

The focus at MECKids is threefold:


There is a glaring need for proper children’s education in nutrition and fitness. MECKids aims to fix that; no more will you hear “Oh, he’s a growing boy, he can eat junk food all day!” We educate students and their parents so that they can make smarter, healthier decisions that will serve them well into adulthood and beyond.


Living in a healthy way isn’t always easy; there’s some level of mindfulness and discipline involved. MECKids gives students a single, convenient place where they can keep track of all of their fitness efforts and get instant feedback. We also encourage group activities and public commitment to goals to help kids stay motivated.


MECKids is a safe place where kids and teens can get together and make new friends without having to worry about cyber-bullying, online predators, or adult content. We work hard to make sure that our kids are learning how to be respectful, responsible users of social media – a skill that the 21st century youth can’t do without. We make sure that parents and teachers always have an opportunity to get involved with every stage of the process.

The MECKids Timeline

January 2015
MECkKds launches first momNmeFit 30 day challenge on social media
October 2014
MECKids acquires new partners: Sweetgreen and Kind Nutrition Snacks
April 2013
MECKids begins partnerships with several brands, including Dasani Water, Heart & Soul Magazine, ShapeAmerica and Sports Zone Elite
June 2012
MECKids hits 20,000 members
March 2011
MECKids is working with schools in Arizona, California, Delaware,  Florida, and Illinois
October 2010
MECKids lands its first county wide contract for Physical Education programming in Virginia Beach, Virginia
April 2009
MECKids launches first live event at T.C. WIlliams High School
January 2009
MECKids Beta site is launched
October 2007
Fran begins to work with developers on MECKids
March 2007
Fran meets 16-year old Lisa Perez and the idea for MECKids is born